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Missile Ambush Defend friendly units against attacking aircraft, ships and tanks with Missile Ambush. Use your mobile missile forces in concert with strategy and tactics to allow safe passage …


Tribal Tattoo Looking for a tattoo design which will perfectly fit you? Why not try something new. Instead of the plain old animal, butterfly or name designs, why not to try out the tribal tattoos? These tribal tattoos have long been present in the world’s culture and history to identify members of specific tribes, represent battles fought, and to serve as a type of camouflage, today tribal tattoos are a popular decorative design. There’s 900 of different tribal tattoo designs offered by tribe tattoo design application.


Barmans sketch book In this App, based on experience and knowledge, you will find best classic and most unique cocktails ever made and gathered as barmans sketch book. It will save you all the searches so you won’t have to spend precious time and it always in your pocket …Mixing drinks not hard as it looks. Barmans sketch book will learn you art of cocktail mixing so you can mix classic and special unique drinks just like a professional bartender.

hipster drom
Hipster Drome

Hipster Drome Hipsters life is not easy … It’s hard to get up in the morning, knowing you have to put on your sister’s jeans and ride your fixed gear bike, Hipsters culture regularly recycles the uncool into the cool, this process needs explosive energy that hipsters usually hides …
HELP your Hipster by tilting your phone while avoiding Bombs of uncool …
Collect the various falling COOL items to increase your score. For every 10.000 points you accumulate, you gain an extra life! But everytime you hit a Bomb you losing your COOL, so be careful on your journey of being too cool for school and the rest of the planet …

new york bike
New York Bike Map

New York bike map Simple and free bike map of New York, no connectivity needed, its offline map, zoom, pan, and rotate the map with gestures

mobile application
CoffeeShop CoffeeShop In this application we assembled a huge collection of some of the most popular and well-known coffee recipes you’ve come to know, love  and enjoy for many years to come!

The key to making delicious coffee drinks is to follow the preparation directions carefully although these are now your recipes so… using your various favorite branded flavorings or experimenting with the ingredient ratios for your taste is a great idea too… have fun and enjoy!